The $100,000 Lesson

Business Lessons from the World of Blackjack

How one deals with losing and adversity tells a lot about the person. Losing tests our confidence, our conviction, our ability to deal with future risk and more importantly our character. The real story and real lessons of 21 come from the adversity faced on the blackjack table. Sharing the story of losing $100,000 in two hands of blackjack, Ma reveals how he recovered his confidence through teamwork, trust, creativity, and goal-setting and the parallels those experiences have with his start-up life. "The $100,000 Lesson" is about more than winning and losing: it is about learning how to fight obstacles in order to create the best outcome possible. Trusting the process and sticking with it are universal lessons that Ma learned at the blackjack table and as a successful four time entrepreneur

21 and Other Numbers That Changed My Life

Harnessing the Power of Analytics to Improve Your Business

Blackjack was "big data" before "big data" was even a term. Drawing from his unique personal experiences, from the blackjack table to consulting professional sports teams to leading analytics at Twitter, Ma talks about innovative metrics in a way that will make you reevaluate how your group makes every decision. Ma has pioneered analytics in gambling, sports, talent evaluation, management and of course, social media. By eschewing emotion and honing in on hard facts and results, Ma has helped usher in what Newsweek calls "a new age of numbers in corporate America."

Ten Times Better

Maximize Performance through Big Data

Data, gleaned through technology, is not only supposed to help us do our jobs, but do them better. Sometimes, it can even make us ten times better than the average employee. Through the lens of his experiences in blackjack, pro sports consulting, and technology, Jeffrey Ma discusses the importance of setting goals as well as tracking your progress and productivity along the way, and how gaming, analytics, and competitive tracking can lead to more useful, constructive feedback and more motivated teams and employees. Building teams, fostering relationships and leading your employees is not something people usually equate with analytics but Ma has made a career of using analytics to do the unconventional.