Infamous MIT Blackjack Team

Jeffrey Ma was the inspiration for the main character in Ben Mezrich's best-selling novel Bringing Down the House, and the Sony Pictures feature film 21.


Starting Up

Jeff has fostered four start-ups over the last two decades, including (acquired by DemandMedia), CircleLending (acquired by Virgin), Citizen Sports/PROTRADE (acquired by Yahoo), and tenXer (acquired by Twitter).

Money Ball 

Evangelizing better decision-making through analytics, Jeff has consulted for the San Francisco 49ers and Portland Trail Blazers. And served, on-air, as ESPN's Predictive Analytics Expert.


Currently Vice President of Analytics and Data Science at Twitter, Jeff currently leads a team of incredibly talented Data Scientists, Analysts, and Engineers with the goal of driving data-driven decision-making across Twitter using analytics and machine learning.

My Defining Moment

How Jeff learned from failure and became truly data driven

My Blackjack Stories

Travel back in time with Jeff and learn from his experiences with Kevin Costner and others at the blackjack tables

How did it all begin?

tenXer joins Twitter

In April of 2015, Twitter acquired tenXer so that the tenXer team could continue to build innovative analytics tools to increase the productivity of software engineers.

Business Insider, April 2015

The Worldwide Leader

For two years, Ma served as ESPN's first Predictive Analytics Expert, appearing on air throughout the 2014 and 2015 football and basketball seasons.

Jeff Ma on SportsCenter

People Analytics

In 2012, Jeff embarked on an ambitious vision to use analytics to change the way people work - think quantified-self for work.

Venture Beat, June 2012

Yahoo acquires Citizen Sports 

In March of 2010, Yahoo acquired Citizen Sports to expand their social and mobile offerings in sports. Citizen Sports mobile app still provides the backbone to Yahoo's mobile sports app.

Tech Crunch, March 2010

Jeff's Book

In 2010, Jeff published the business bestselling book, "The House Advantage". Jeff's goal was to write a truly accessible book about the power of data and analytics.

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Silver Screen

In March of 2008, Jeff's story was turned into a movie by Sony Pictures. Jeff's real life experiences served as a compelling backdrop to the movie 21 which was number one in the box office for two weeks in a row.

SF Gate, Mach 2008

Ben's Book

It all began with a simple conversation where Jeff approached his friend, novelist Ben Mezrich. They decided to collaborate on the book "Bringing Down the House" and the rest is history.

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